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We offer our services to a wide range of clients including Writers/ producers wanting their ideas or scripts to be produced, collaboration with other Production Companies, businesses for Marketing, promotional or corporate material and Indie Filmmakers, Bands & Artists requiring music videos.


Welcome to FossilFilm, a creative production company based in Essex. We offer a wide range of services from pre to post-production and have the Expertise, Equipment, Technology & Personnel that enables us to produce and oversee a project from beginning to completion all in-house. No production is too big or too small. We also offer other multimedia services.

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Who are we?

FossilFIlm provides an extensive range of services within Film & Video Production, from pre-production all the way to making the project ready for the world to see. We also offer a full production service that oversees your entire project from budgeting, planning & concept to distribution depending on your needs.

There's no need to keep going from one company to another for different parts of the production, we are the only point of contact and we handle everything in-house. We have a mix of new and experienced, hard-working, enthusiastic, friendly professionals working on all aspects of production. This gives you a quicker, reliable, efficient and quality service which make the whole experience a pleasure and gives you satisfaction and on top of that, it allows us to offer a very competitive price.

We use all the latest software on industry spec hardware and have access to all the top of the range video and audio equipment to present you with a high production value project. This equipment and software would be useless if it wasn't for the professionals with their great understanding, knowledge and experience and most importantly, admiration for moving images.


As well as offering our production services to external clients, FossilFilm is also a content provider and works on it's own in-house productions. We are currently in pre-production working on a comedy series that will be available as Webisodes through various VOD (Video On Demand) Platforms.

FossilFilm was created to try and gain more freedom in the type of films, TV and Videos the founder and collaborators wanted to make and have complete artistic control whilst still providing production services to a wide range of people and businesses.

We also hope to encourage young, up-and-coming, future filmmakers by giving them the support and chances and opportunities they need. There are plans to create a social enterprise for the South East Area of England, teaching people technical aspects of filmmaking, guide them to create their own visions and styles and providing them with industry standard equipment. They can then use FossilFilm as a hub to showcase their work.

There are a few ideas in the pipeline and will take a lot of time and devotion and support from the public.

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Feel free to contact us, we'd like to hear from you and discuss your latest project or BIG idea. If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to ask.


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